Course Options – AGEFICE 2024

3000€ (refund 100%)

Formule 1

Private + e-learning

42 hours private lessons


45 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

Formule 2

Private + group + e-learning

35 hours private lessons

15 hour group course

35 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

Formule 3

Private + 2 groups + e-learning

28 hours private lessons

2 x 15 hour group course

27 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

2000€ (refund 100%)

Formule 4

Private + e-learning

26 hours private lessons


35 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

Formule 5

Private + group + e-learning

20 hours private lessons

15 hour group course

23 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

Formule 6

Private + 2 groups

19 hours private lessons


2 x 15 hour group course

1000€ (refund 100%)

Formule 7

Private + e-learning

12 hours private lessons


20 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

Formule 8

Private + group + e-learning

5 hours private lessons

15 hour group course

11 hours e-learning platform (compulsory)

  • Private lessons take place at Avancée Formation with one of our local teachers. 
  • Group courses can take place face-to-face at our school in Verchaix or online via our conversation workshops (see course description page 2)



These lessons are 1 on 1 with a French teacher who will design classes based on your level and needs. Private lessons generally focus on learning the language structure, vocabulary & listening skills, along with speaking practice with the possibility of putting the new skills into context with your personal and professional life. Lessons can be booked as 60 or 90 minute sessions. 


Choose from the following 2 options and mix and match depending on your package:

  • GUIDED CONVERSATIONAL WORKSHOPS (ONLINE) – 15 hours (2-3 students)

Practise your conversational skills with a teacher and one or two other students of a similar level.  

The teacher will suggest a topic and encourage students to express their thoughts in a structured way. Feedback will be given at the end of the lesson with new vocabulary and expressions. This is a perfect way to step away from grammar work and put everything into practice.

60-minute sessions once a week online – must be booked as a block of 15 sessions

  • GROUP COURSES IN OUR PREMISES (FACE-TO-FACE) 15 hours (4-9 people)

Focus on grammar development and practise with activities such as roleplays in order to gain confidence for everyday situations. Groups can include between 4 and 9 participants of a similar level. 

Our group courses can run once weekly (90 minutes a week over 10 consecutive weeks) or bi-weekly (2 x 90 minutes a week over 5 consecutive weeks) at set times in the year. 


Our e-learning platform enables you to learn and practise language structure and vocabulary in your own time.  You also have the opportunity to read articles, blogs and do listening and reading exercises. The platform is full of cultural content, essential for living in France and taking French exams such as the DELF. Teachers can also guide you and give you homework on the platform. 

When taking a course using a training budget with Avancée Formation, you agree to our terms and to complete all the hours in your package in order to receive your full refund.

Avancée Formation cannot be held responsible for uncompleted work.

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