Cours particuliers juniors

Parler une langue étrangère est un véritable atout et les enfants qui commencent tôt possèdent un réel avantage.

Points Clés

 Cours axés sur l’expression et la compréhension orale

Séances de 30, 45 ou 60 minutes

Cours particuliers ou semi-particuliers

Disponibles en présentiel ou en ligne

Contenus personnalisés & ludiques

Idéal pour complémenter l’éducation classique

 Disponibles toute l’année


Une méthode ludique axée sur la communication : Nos formateurs donnent vie à l’apprentissage à travers des jeux, chansons, jeux de rôle et autres activités d’expression orale. Une approche qui diffère des cours d’anglais traditionnels.

Préparation Examen : Votre enfant passe bientôt un examen ou un entretien pour les études supérieures ? Nos formateurs peuvent le préparer pour le jour J.

Comment ça fonctionne ?
  • Donnez nous une idée des disponibilités de votre enfant
    Dites nous quels jours & heures lui conviennent le mieux – nous organisons un planning de cours adapté.
  • Complétez avec votre enfant l’évaluation de niveau
    Avant de démarrer les cours, nous avons besoin de connaître son niveau afin de mieux préparer nos cours.
  • 40€ / heure – possibilité de cours semi particulier et de tarif partagé
  • 320€ pour 8 semaines – sur la base d’une heure par semaine
  • 480€ pour 12 semaines – sur la base d’une heure par semaine
Pourquoi choisir Avancée Formation ?

Avancée Formation est une école de langues étrangères reconnue dans la Vallée du Giffre. Notre objectif est de faire de l’apprentissage des langues une expérience accessible et agréable pour tous. Notre équipe de formateurs est qualifiée, expérimentée et passionnée d’enseignement. Nous adorons rencontrer des personnes de cultures et de milieux différents.

Dans l’équipe, nous maîtrisons tous au moins une langue étrangère, nous avons donc une excellente compréhension des difficultés auxquelles nos apprenants font face, et la mission de notre centre et de les aider à les appréhender.

Notre école est moderne, nos salles de classe sont lumineuses, et nous sommes situés en plein centre de la Vallée du Giffre, à Verchaix. Café participatif et parking sont disponibles sur place.


Na BaumgartenNa Baumgarten
16:04 09 Feb 24
Great coworking, quiet and with a very good wifi connection!
James BentleyJames Bentley
10:30 07 Feb 24
Just finished six weeks of French lessons for myself and my three kids with Avancee Formation and could not be more pleased with the professionalism, quality of instruction, and kindness of our instructor, Chloe. Avancee Formation tailored the curriculum to our specific needs, and it shows in the enthusiasm my teenagers now have for French language and culture. As a result, we have decided to return to the area in March for four more weeks of lessons!
Margot SimondMargot Simond
08:31 28 Oct 23
Very useful training with friendly and attentive people. Very good experience!
Julian ArcherJulian Archer
06:19 26 Sep 23
Very helpful all the way from applying for course funding to exam preparation. Professional & personable.
Robert StevensRobert Stevens
14:32 31 Jul 23
Great experience. Great teacher. I really enjoyed the experience and will be back!
kathryn tysonkathryn tyson
08:18 24 Jul 23
A really fun and informative course, with the lovely Elise, well-judged for our standard, and with very many stimulating exercises to make us think and chat in French. Highly recommended.
T TapperT Tapper
17:04 26 Jun 23
I had online lessons with Elise and she was fantastic. The whole experience was supportive, lively and I learnt a huge amount in only 6 short lessons. Highly recommend.
Jean-Claude BELBARBEJean-Claude BELBARBE
16:34 28 Apr 23
I am very satisfied with this training meeting perfectly to my request.Bonnie was able to understand and document herself to make the training concrete on my theme.
17:36 03 Feb 23
Many thanks to the team of Alpine French School of Samoëns for their professionalism. Good understanding of the need and courses adapted accordingly. And especially top teachers, Thank you Bonnie 🙂
Julie DanielJulie Daniel
09:22 22 Aug 22
Yet another year of French lessons through Alpine French School which teaching me new things all the time. The lessons are very well thought out and the teachers are very supportive helping you through any difficulties you encounter whilst also pushing you to keep on improving. I would highly recommend using the Alpine French School if you want to learn French from complete beginners getting to know their first words or phrases to the more advanced that just want to sound more authentic, they offer it all. Hopefully see you again for a group session at the end of the year or back again for my 1:1 lessons next year. Keep up the good work.
Ben NicholsonBen Nicholson
08:57 19 Aug 22
Highly recommended! I've benefited from both the private lessons (excellent for making good progress, tailored to specific needs) and group classes (which have been small class sizes, relaxed and fun atmosphere). Both of my teachers (Jenny and Chloe) have been fantastic - encouraging, engaged and constructive.In addition, the school has done the majority of the paperwork to enable the classes to be fully funded through a URSSAF training grant - amazing!
Veryan YoungVeryan Young
13:59 15 Aug 22
I took a long term course at the school which was covered by my Autoentrepeneur URSSAF training grant - you pay upfront and on course completion your fees get refunded. The school helped me set this up with URSSAF and also helped me sort the refund at the end. It was a fairly simple process and they are well versed with it.Onto the lessons themselves - I was lucky to have a good teacher and engaged class so I felt I progressed really well. The teacher encouraged interaction and so it felt more like a discussion than too much "chalk and talk". I also did some 1:1s which put me a little out of my comfort zone but allowed me to work on elements I specifically needed. I am now confident that I am working towards the level needed to work in French which was the aim of the sessions. Thank you Alpine French School for your lessons!
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