FAF Funding

First: We need to find out which “Fond d’Assurance Formation” your business depends on. It’s the organisation which manages professional training funds for your industry.

You’ll need to download your “Attestation de CFP” (Attestation de Contribution à la Formation Professionnelle). This document is made available at the start of February every year.


  • Go to the URSSAF website, select mes documents – mes attestations
  • In the dropdown menu, select: “attestation de contribution formation professionnelle
  • Click on “valider & télécharger mon attestation » and save the document.


  • Ask your accountant for the latest version of your “attestation CFP (contribution à la formation professionnelle)”.

Your attestation shows:

* The contribution showing on the AGEFICE attestation must be equal or superior to 7€

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