CPF Application

The CPF Process

CPF means Compte Personnel de Formation. It acts like a savings account from the social charges that you pay or that your employer pays and you can use it for professional training including language courses. Every year in the spring, your account is updated and additional funds are made available. Allow at least 3 weeks between the application and starting the course. The process is simple but all steps must be completed.

We provide a detailed guide for each step

  1. First you need to create a free CPF account on the CPF platform. Follow our step by step guide.
  2. Then use the form below to fill in our Level & Needs Analysis and select your course.

2 more steps follow

  1. Create your “Identité Numérique” (see guide). This is a security measure which you can use for all French administration systems.
  2. Finally, you’ll need to sign up to the course directly on the CPF platform by following this guide.